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Artist Statement
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‘I find my inspiration in nature and the world around me ’

My work is optimistic and passionate. I love to use a lot of colors and layers.

My work moves. It’s all about ‘Joie de Vivre’ (lust for life ), the expression of energy, and aesthetics.

My artwork serves as an antidote against boring, numbing and soul-destroying glass products, mass produced by factories and modern slaves in poverty-stricken nations. The purpose of my work is to do one's part towards a more pleasant and positive world. I believe that artists are able to open new horizons.

Life without beauty would not be very uplifting.

We keep things simple. This has worked for us for a long time, and I think it's going to continue working.



Born in Ostend, Belgium, Europe

Independent Studio Artist- CA, USA


Antwerp Be, Tilburg Nl, Hoogeveen Nl, Brewer Me, Santa Monica Ca, Topanga Ca, Columbia Sc

Art Instructor Allan Hancock College: Santa Maria, Lompoc and VAFB(2003-2005)


1981 - 1985 Royal Academy of Fine Arts : Antwerp, Belgium - MFA
1985 - 1988 National Higher Institute of Fine Arts : Antwerp, Belgium - Laureate of Fine Arts, Master after Master
1989 - 2001 Workshops glassfusing, casting and pate de verre
Bruges, Belgium ; Santa Monica and Venice, California


1985 - Now

Opel Prize General Motors (Antwerp, Belgium)
Felix de Boeck Prize Stained Glass (Brussels, Belgium)
Flanders Women Artists Fine Arts (Kortrijk,Belgium)
Art Glass Association of Southern California
NICHE Awards, Two Times Finalist, One Time Winner
Art Glass Association of Southern California
Rotary Club of Studio City
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara
Palmetto Hands Fine Craft Exhibition and Competition


1985 - Now

Antwerp, Brussels, Schilde, Kortrijk, Luik, Knokke, Gent, Brugge : BELGIUM
Castle of Romont : SWITZERLAND
Geldrop, Den Hague, Amsterdam : THE NETHERLANDS
Kanazawa : JAPAN
Poggenpohl Showroom, San Diego : CALIFORNIA
Santa Barbara : CALIFORNIA
Invitational Glass Object for the White House : WASHINGTON, D.C.
Museum of Glass and Glasstechniques Hoogeveen : THE NETHERLANDS
Fine Arts and Crafts Shows, Galleries, and Cultural Centers : Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Pasadena,
San Francisco, Palm Springs, Santa Monica, Topanga Canyon : CALIFORNIA
Glassartists Flanders Association, Antwerp : BELGIUM
Electrabel 'UNICA', Department of Energy, Antwerp : BELGIUM
Art Galleries in Amsterdam, Groningen, Tilburg, Leeuwarden, Art Glass Fair Leerdam
Glasmuseum Veenhuizen, Theater Hoogeveen : THE NETHERLANDS
Artwalks, Art Shows in CALIFORNIA
Museum of Art, San Luis Obispo, CALIFORNIA
Bangor, Brewer, Bar Harbor : MAINE


Santa Maria Sun, April 7 - April 14, 2005, Vol. 6 No. 3
Glass Action -- Belgian transplant Sabine Snykers mixes old and new techniques to create fragile masterpieces
[ Cover | Page 12 | Page 13 | PDF
The Topanga Messenger, November 1999
'A Gathering of Arts'
Catalogue Glass Art Fair Leerdam 2001
'Sabine Snykers wil de grenzen van het materiaal glas verruimen.'

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